The mission of this firm is to provide clients with wise counsel in the areas of estate planning, dispute resolution, and business law. We achieve these goals by maintaining high ethical and professional standards, providing high quality and effective advice, while giving clients diligent, personalized attention.

We strive to protect your worth by assisting you in preserving your family relationships, your assets, and your future, by helping you:

  • plan for the future care of your spouse, children, grandchildren, and yourself
  • provide instructions for financial and medical directives
  • protect your assets, taking into account probate law and gift and estate taxes.

What better gift can you give to your loved ones?

How do you measure your worth? It is not only your total financial net worth, consisting of your assets less your liabilities. Should it also include fostering good relationships between your loved ones, both now, and when you are gone? Does your worth include your life values?

You deserve more than wealth planning because you deserve worth planning. Our goal is to provide you with wise legal advice and excellent legal documents, always with an eye on their tax ramifications. Robert McKnight’s extensive experience in the areas of estate planning, dispute resolution, business and corporate law, and probate will help you achieve your goals for yourself and your loved ones. When necessary, Robert McKnight will provide vigorous dispute resolution representation to help you protect your assets and your rights. He is highly experienced in commercial litigation matters, including business, construction, probate, real estate, and investment advisor/customer disputes.

McKnight Legal is dedicated to providing quality legal services

in a timely and efficient manner that exceeds our clients' expectations.


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